Another dull day, so I thought for today I’d just list a few goals for the year and let’s see how far I get with them!

– Lose 3 stone at least. I’ve been in a long-term battle with my weight for years and I really have to make this the year I dramatically shrink.

– Be more careful with spending. No more reluctance to check the bank balance or impulse buys.

– Improve kitchen skills. This is a must really. I love the idea of being a domestic goddess and need to just apply myself to becoming so.

– Pass driving test. Maybe. No, definitely…

– Stay motivated to work. I will try my utmost to resist getting into any ridiculous TV series I’d hate, if it weren’t a procrastination method. I must also buy less magazines.

– Sort my life out. Try, just try, to get some sort of work experience. I know it’s hard and I often feel very down and useless when I’m rejected but one day, it will happen.


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