ALBUM REVIEW: Howler, America Give Up

TITLE: America Give Up
BAND: Howler
LABEL: Rough Man Records
RELEASE DATE: January 16th 2012

Well, here’s something new for all you indie Cindys out there. If you love The Vaccines and Franz Ferdinand, a new Minneapolis five-piece are about to take the world by storm.

Howler are set to release their debut album America Give Up soon, as the follow up to This One’s Different, an EP they released last summer.

The album opens with a track called Beach Sluts, which shows off some melodic guitar riffs and an almost Framing Hanley-esque tone in the vocals. As I’m bopping away, I imagine myself driving down a country lane, this and the following track Back To The Grave blaring out of the windows and I’m having an awesome time!

However, don’t be lulled into the idea that these fresh new faces are just another indie project clad in checked shirts and Napoleon Dynamite glasses, the record takes a twist and provides us with some refreshing 60s inspired rock in the form of tracks named America, Told You Once and Back Of Your Neck, the last twenty seconds of which is truly mesmerizing.

The band also have an upcoming UK tour and there are a couple of album tracks that I can just see being amazing, when played live. Pythagorean Fearem being one, with its uncanny resemblance to Kaiser Chiefs and other indie giants. The short and sweet Wailing (Making Out) could belong between scenes of some teen sitcom, fuelled by raging sexual tension and angst. Proper freak-out music at its best!

Don’t be tricked into thinking it’s all guitars and catchy rock’n’roll backing vocals. This One’s Different is exactly what it says it is! A pop-rock classic that I can easily see storming the charts. There’s even a slow number Too Much Blood, which has a haunting chilled feel, a background bath-time companion.

Whatever mood you’re in, whatever sort of day you’ve had, there’s something on this record for you. Watch this space, I think we can expect great things from Howler this year!

To give the album a listen yourself and to see full UK tour dates, see


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