Hipster Hangout

Relaxed with Dan today. He likes his sleep and it’s always a real struggle to get him up in the morning!

We watched Taken with Liam Neeson in. It was a pretty good film really, albeit rather scary! It seemed a little too realistic too in parts. Mum watched it the day I went to Malta with Sophie back in November and she was terrified for me for days apparently.

Dan and I went to a new pub in Bromley (the name of which completely escapes me now!) but it was nice. Dan described it as “a hipster pub” because apparently he overheard someone try to order Jack Daniel’s but was told by the barman that they “have a thing against the mainstream” and so didn’t sell it. The menu was also quite trendy and it had the feeling that it had been created by arty, indie 20-somethings. Not bad prices though and the food was awesome! Three Neapolitan-coloured ukeleles adorned the wall. I immediately thought of ice-cream, when I saw them and I’m sure you can see why.

I also took a photo of Dan looking happy. I noticed there aren’t any photos of him on here yet, so here is the first!

In other news, Dexter fell off the back of the sofa today while asleep. He was so shocked that he seemed to accept the cuddle I gave him, even though he’s still slightly opposed to them. He’s such a nervous kitten whereas his brother just curls up on you.

Had Chinese tonight as it’s apparently Chinese New Year this weekend. Happy New Year to anyone celebrating. Have a good one!


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