Catch Up

First day back in Aber and as usual in January, it’s pretty miserable here. On walking downstairs this morning, I was greeted by this.

Don’t ask, I don’t know.

Just went into town and bought the essentials, as well as a nice lunch and coffee in Costa, accompanied by Bulgakov and his devil-infested Moscow. The place was packed with chattering students, which did make me feel a little lonely to be honest. I am quite a lonely person though. However, I sense this becoming a little self-pitying, so I’ll stop right there!

Watched the Japanese version of Ring with my LoveFilm trial. I had expectations of being really freaked but on watching it, I wasn’t that scared. Then I remembered that the last time I heard people talking about how scary it is, I was in primary school. It’s actually a really sad story and I’ll bet the American version takes a lot of that emotion out. Not that I should pre-judge or anything. If I’m wrong, someone educate me!

Caught up with Hayley and Annica over dinner. They’re both on health kicks again and I guess I am too. Hayley has finally discovered the world of mobile apps and they’re both counting their calories on My Fitness Pal. I jumped on the bandwagon too, I have to confess. I also jumped on the Where’s My Water bandwagon. Now really isn’t the time to be getting addicted to silly games but I’m afraid I am. No motivation to work means I find new things I like!


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