Went up to collect my essays from last term today. Apparently Tiffany still hasn’t finished marking them but I picked up Jem’s. A low 2:1, which I guess I’m happy with but I wish it was a little higher. I’m still on track for a 2:1 overall though, which is all that matters really.

I did get a bit more of the writing project done today. Not a lot, I have to admit but I’m getting there in small chunks! Trying to read and absorb appropriate information for it while trying to write it is difficult, to be honest. Scary thing is, I’m still not 100% sure of the ending and I’m worried because it is still a bit jumbled in my mind. I was told that most of my original ideas were better suited to a novel because they were a little strung out, so I have to write something within 6000 words that is interesting and engaging without it being too abrupt. God I hate word counts. They really are the bane of my life.

Dan revealed that he was planning to get me the shirts he showed me on that website for Valentine’s Day. It’s too late now because I’ve ordered them but he should have told me not to! He said if he had that the surprise would have gone but I guess I didn’t pick up on the hint that he wanted to get them for me. I have no idea what to get him and he hasn’t been terribly helpful when I’ve asked him what he wants. His birthday is the 25th too, so I need to find two presents for him.

While up on campus today, I went for a little wander in the Arts Centre as I often do. The little gift shop is pretty interesting actually. It’s just a real mish-mash of stuff, most of which is really quirky and cute. I found this notebook in there which made me smile.

and inside…

It’s an actual book of faces! I guess I’m easily pleased.


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