So, today came and me and Dan had an awesome day just doing what we wanted! I gave him his present (the silver guitar pick below) which he loved and he’d written me a lovely letter, which now sticks to the side of my wardrobe and makes me smile.

Had a meeting with Lauren and Becky about the presentation we have to do on Thursday morning. We went to a cafe called The Blue Creek near The Angel, which I hadn’t even known was there. However, it was an English student’s dream with paperbacks lining the downstairs wall and tea being served in tea-cosied teapots! I’ll definitely be going back there, it was awesome -another great place in Aber to read and get work done!

We grabbed lunch at Subway and ate it on the seafront, which is still freezing. Aber was full of couples strolling casually today, as well as a few easy to spot single people looking miserable. It’s silly really. I don’t really think Valentine’s is that special. If you’re with someone, you should show them you love them every day.

Dan cooked me nachos with chilli, which was lovely. Hayley and Annica went out, so we had the flat to ourselves. We sat in and watched silly things on the internet and just spent quality time together, which I’ve missed more than anything since I’ve been back here. Awesome day!


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