Dan’s leaving

Dan left today and I’m already feeling lonely. However, it is only 12 days until I go home for the Mest gig on March 3rd. I always hate saying goodbye to him and I really wanted to get on the train with him!

We had a good last night together with an Indian takeaway and The Lion King, which Dan hadn’t seen since he was a kid. He finds it hilarious that I want Can You Feel The Love Tonight as our wedding song but it is a beautiful song with beautiful lyrics, which I explained to him but he still thinks it’s about lions.

Nicky’s 21st is all sorted for April 14th, even though her birthday is March 26th. I guess she’s waiting for everyone to get back from uni but all her best friends, including myself, are going as the Poddington Peas. I am going to be Sweet Pea, which means I need to find some pink ribbon and an entirely green outfit, which should be fun. I don’t think I’ll want to wear a full-on, huge pea outfit and I’m not sure how easy that will be to find either but I still need to look reasonably like a pea. Seeing it written down like that makes me think it’s not going to be that easy actually!


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