SONG REVIEW: The All-American Rejects, Beekeeper’s Daughter

TITLE: Beekeeper’s Daughter
BAND: The All-American Rejects
LABEL: DGC/Interscope Records
RELEASED: January 31st 2012

Beekeeper’s Daughter is a song that many fans of the band’s earlier albums such as their self-titled debut and Move Along will perhaps find a little lacking in energy and punch. It’s certainly a lot more pop-based, even more so than their last album When The World Comes Down, which spawned the number 4 hit, Gives You Hell.

With this being the first track since 2008, we were expecting something huge from the Oklahoma four-piece and the song certainly has some big hit potential. The guitar solo around 2 minutes in really makes you want to jump on your bed with an air guitar, feeling like you’re rocking up some huge LA venue. It’s not a million miles from Gives You Hell but Tyson’s rocky vocals give it some edge amongst other pop tracks and despite the shift in sound, it’s still clear who’s playing.

It’s pretty clear from the off-point what the song is about. The chorus itself “You’re a pretty little flower, I’m a busy little bee, Honey that’s all you need to see” perfectly sums up the central sexual theme of the song. It’s the story of an arrogant lothario, boasting about his conquests. However, there is also an element of anger and frustration detected, suggesting that he’s perhaps fallen a little bit in love with the subject of the song and he’s unsure whether to continue his womanizing or settle down with her.

The video itself juxtaposes the aggressive sexual nature of the lyrics, as it resembles the opening of a city-based musical with dancing workmen and even a pickpocket, who proceeds to twirl his victim up in the air, like a newly formed Strictly Come Dancing couple. The cheerleaders, random barbershop quartet and grinning passers-by just add to the bizarre opposition between words and actions. Add to that Tyson dressed like a Hollister model, while happily smiling about his adventures and you’ve got something that seems quite out of place. Sure, it goes with the upbeat guitar but the words should suggest a much darker theme. All in all, it’s a happy video, as long as you ignore what a bad boy Tyson has really been!

Like previous Rejects hits -Dirty Little Secret, I Wanna, Gives You Hell- the narrator is an angry young man with a whole host of sinful thoughts and desires. The band’s musical style has altered somewhat over the years but you have to start asking… maybe a different story and character some time, guys?


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