SONG REVIEW: Arctic Monkeys, R U Mine?

TITLE: R U Mine?
BAND: Arctic Monkeys
RELEASED: February 27th 2012

Arctic Monkeys shocked us all this morning with the unexpected leaking of a new track and video for R U Mine? Even weirder is that the song had no details of a new album or follow-up releases with it. They did apparently promise to release a song ahead of their upcoming tour with The Black Keys, but with no current label, it’s certainly a surprise gift to their fans!

The Sheffield foursome are Dan’s favourite band, so he’s completely buzzing off it and I imagine a lot of other huge Arctics fans will be too. It’s got quite a dark sounding guitar rhythm with almost ghostly backing vocals but it keeps with the band’s smooth sensual style of Suck It And See. I think I also detect a little bit of earlier material too, so it’s for fans old and new.

The lyrics suggest Alex’s longing and craving for his lover and the woeful tone certainly puts it across perfectly. There is also a dark, sexual subtext and the song is obviously rooted in desire and perhaps a little insecurity. “All I wanna hear her say is are you mine?” Yes, he’s asking her to say it but it could suggest that he’s perhaps doubting whether she is his. The words themselves aren’t the easiest to interpret but it’s the ambiguity that makes the song all the more intriguing.

R U Mine? was released with a video, which you can watch below. It shows the band driving through Californian streets, while the song is being debuted on a local radio station.

It’s probably going to be a big hit for them due to the still unsolved mysteries surrounding its online release and is it possibly a hint at what to expect from their next album?


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