SONG REVIEW: Blood Red Shoes, Cold

BAND: Blood Red Shoes
LABEL: V2 Records
RELEASED: March 19th 2012

The Brighton duo has returned with Cold, the new single from their eagerly awaited album In Time To Voices.

Guitarist Laura and drummer Steve admittedly spent the whole of last year recording new tracks, which we’ll be treated to throughout 2012 and if the rest of them are anything like this one, the new album could be a real chart climber!

If you’re expecting something like the slightly popster sound of 2010’s Fire Like This, then think further because Blood Red Shoes have kept up with what’s hot in music right now. Think Band of Skulls meet Florence and the Machine and you’re almost there!

Cold has a much more mature sound, marrying Laura’s eerie lead vocals with Steve’s angry backing. The drums just add that defiant layer to it, making it reek of oomph! It’s a song that buries into your head and sticks there for hours after. The chorus is truly haunting and as the name of the song suggests, it’s frankly quite chilling. It’s released on March 19th, by which time you’ll probably already be singing it.

In Time To Voices is out March 26th.


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