ALBUM REVIEW: Young Guns, Bones

TITLE: Bones
BAND: Young Guns
RELEASED: February 3rd 2012

They’ve apparently been hovering around for the last few years but the new album from the High Wycombe alternative band has seen them climb to new heights.

Young Guns released their first EP back in 2009 entitled Mirrors, comprising four tracks before releasing their first full-length album All Our Kings Are Dead in 2010. Both records feature anthems, which have strong resemblances to their latest release but Bones is much more mature and honestly, you can tell they’ve been hanging out with long-time rockers such as Bon Jovi!

Bones is full of tracks with gut-busting drum beats and melodic guitar riffs that make it an awesome record for long journeys, when you’re tearing along the motorway or just for some chill out time after a tough day.

Learn My Lesson was debuted on Radio 1 back in October by Zane Lowe, when it received the rather grand title of Hottest Record in the World by the New Zealander. It’s certainly got an incredibly catchy sound to it and is just one of the tracks from this record that has massive arena-filling potential.

The title track has received plenty of radio coverage since it’s premiere on Radio 1 back in January. It’s the kind of song that you could just see yourself losing control to at a gig, while screaming your lungs out to Gustav’s Bon Jovi-esque vocals.

The album begins with some rock anthems in the form of I Was Born, I Have Lived, I Will Surely Die and Dearly Departed. These tracks are what crowd surfing and moshing were made for and you can’t ignore the influences from big American rock bands, such as Foo Fighters and Bon Jovi.

It then takes a turn into tracks such as Towers (On My Way), A Hymn for All I’ve Lost, You Are Not and Everything Ends, the latter of which actually has a hint of The Killers about it. All of these songs have moments of almost silence, where you can just melt into the words and disappear into a world that’s better, before letting out your tension to the slight pop-punk sound of Brother In Arms, a video of which was posted online back in December.

Headlights, whose chorus has a definite resonance, implies that it’s a song that could be around for a while. The ever-present riffs just ring through your ears, while the lyrics inspire you to get up and just have fun, no matter how much you’ve been knocked down before. It’s almost as if the band are telling us their story and saying “Hey, look, we made it, so why can’t you?”

Closing with Broadfields, a slow lyrical track, beginning with an acoustic ripple just warms the whole record down. It’s about exactly that and the burst of energy at the end just sums up the whole of the album -fun, strong and carefree.

It’s been their breakthrough album and Bones is definitely an album worth listening to, if like me, you can’t get enough gravelly-voiced bands with loud drum beats and echoing guitars. Think Bon Jovi, Nickelback, Foo Fighters and even a sprinkle of Lostprophets and you’ve almost got Young Guns. For a British band, they’re a novelty and they prove that we’re not all about indie right now. We can do alternative rock just as well as the American giants.


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