I’ve been so tired today! I’ve literally wanted to do nothing but slob around in my room and watch TV. So that’s just what I’ve done! I’ve had a tough week with that essay though, so I think I deserve it.

Been looking for more opportunities to review things too and I’m thinking of possibly writing a review of the current series of Being Human. However I’m wary that people won’t have seen it and I’m debating whether I can write something on it without putting in any spoilers!

I have been a little productive today though, I suppose. I signed up to linkedin and applied for an online journalism internship. It might be a bit too soon for me to be applying to things at the moment though, but I guess it’s worth a go! I know what my expected degree grade is now (2:1), so I’m sort of pretending that’s what I’ve got… Little bit worried that I’ve never really achieved my expected grades before but I’m trying not to be so negative!


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