On the Way Home

So, today I’ll be travelling back home for my dad’s birthday, James’ gig and Mother’s Day. Think I might stay until Wednesday though, to greed as much time as possible with the kitties!

Dan is coming to visit tomorrow hopefully and he hasn’t seen the cats since we first got them, so he’ll be as shocked as I was a couple of weeks back! They’re still really cute and playful though, so their evil streak hasn’t quite been developed yet. At least not extended to humans. They sure seem to be quite evil towards each other but that’s to be expected as young males!

I got a phone call yesterday from someone I e-mailed about a Social Media internship, involving blogging and social networking on behalf of the website They said they loved my CV but on realising I am still at uni, they said they wanted someone to start straightaway. It was a huge confidence boost though, so at least I know the kinds of places to market myself now. The fact I’d never even got replies back from other companies I applied to but now I actually got a personal phone call makes me think they did genuinely like me on paper. They said to call back when I’ve graduated to see what they’ve got for me but yeah, I can’t say that wasn’t exciting!

Hearts Under Fire, the girlband who supported MEST a couple of weeks ago appear to have found my review of the gig and apparently loved it enough to post it onto their Facebook page. So yeah, things are looking good at the moment!


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