Milburn, The Band That Time Forgot

Dan recently discovered the work of this band called Milburn and showed me their songs. The band finished in 2008 and although they never made it big, they have left a trail of good tunes behind them, which sadly most people will never hear.

In the seven years they were active, they released two albums, the first called Well, Well, Well in 2006 and the second These Are The Facts in 2007. Neither record received critical acclaim but the band appear to have had and still do have very loyal fans. After splitting, the band members pursued other musical projects. Rhythm guitarist Louis Carnall joined electro band Lords of Flatbush with former Arctic Monkeys bassist Andy Nicholson. Singer and bassist Joe Carnall began a band called The Book Club and is now a member of Reverend and the Makers, of which lead guitarist Tom Rowley was also a member but is now in Dead Sons with drummer Joe Green.

The Sheffield four-piece have more than a little in common with fellow Yorkshire indie rockers Arctic Monkeys but in fact, after further research I have discovered that they also dabbled in pop punk and alternative rock, shown most prominently in the form of Cheshire Cat Smile and Along Comes Mary respectively.

This is Send In The Boys, a good example of what the majority of their material is like.

One listen to most of their tracks will fill your ears with rapid drums and rolling guitar riffs behind a voice very similar to Alex Turner and you have to wonder what it was that meant these boys never got known. I would in fact argue that they appeal to an even wider audience than Arctic Monkeys and could certainly have filled live venues. Perhaps the fact they never really found a specific niche meant that they never got their big break, which is sad because they clearly have something to offer. Indeed, their LastFM page is full of comments urging them to come back.

I’m sure many indie fans will agree that Milburn should have received much more credit than they ever did but their music is still available to enjoy and hopefully they’ll reunite for a run of shows in the near future.


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