Writing Project End

Well, the writing project is almost over, I think. Lauren and Becky are going to check it over for me tomorrow but then I can put it away for a bit. Well, the creative part anyway. The critical commentary on it is going to be done over the Easter holidays, so I won’t get too much rest time!

I’m unsure on the rules about publishing dissertation stories anywhere online and I’ve heard horror stories of people being charged with plagiarism of their own work, so I’m not going to be posting my finished writing project story until after it has been marked. That does suck because I would love to get the completely unbiased opinions of people who don’t know me but I can’t risk being pulled out for such silly offences, I’m afraid!

I wrote an article for Aber Ink, which in case I haven’t mentioned before is the Aber English and Creative Writing newsletter I contribute to, about my views as a student blogger. Lauren is writing a piece on blogging and she asked me to write half a page of it. It is awesome getting my views across and hoping that someone might hear me in some form, as I feel that I’m so used to not being listened to. I guess that’s why I started writing and blogging in the first place, all those years ago!


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