Farm Frolicking

With a group of friends, I took a trip to Christmas Tree Farm in Downe just for an hour or so of fun. As is customary in the UK, it was cold and wet on the one day we’d set aside to go but it didn’t put us off and we actually had a pretty good time.

Being spring, there were lambs, chicks, ducklings and piglets aplenty, as well some animals which don’t quite fit into your typical image of a farmyard- rheas and llamas. The place was pretty empty, as normal people don’t tend to venture out on rainy Bank Holidays but it was really nice having the place to ourselves.

My small bucket of food was hastily gobbled up, as soon as we stepped into the goat pen, which you’re allowed to do. It’s a bit scary but as long as you’re kind to the goats, they’re generally kind to you. There were LOTS of goats, so I felt a bit bad that I didn’t have any food left for the other animals. My coat also got incredibly dirty, as the goats kept jumping up at us. As long as you’re not too serious about staying clean, it was really funny!

The little ponies were incredibly cute and I wanted to feed them but sadly, we’d already visited the goats and all I could do was stroke their wet noses and watch the others answer their stamping on the fence posts for food. They didn’t look the happiest, particularly in the rain and it always a little difficult seeing animals in fenced enclosures. They are all well looked after though and nothing was too distressing.

We went for lunch in the George & Dragon pub just two minutes walk from the farm. Although we were all filthy from the goats’ muddy hooves and traipsing through the sludge, it was an awesome, much needed catching-up day.


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