Pulled Apart By Horses

For anyone who loves screamo, I think these guys might be your new musical crush. If you’ve been listening to them for years, I apologise but I’ve noticed that they are playing quite a few of the big festivals this year, so they’ve only just come to my attention. Although, they’re described as alternative rock, it isn’t really the sort of music I’d normally listen to but after seeing their name on a few line-up posters, curiosity got the better of me.

The Leeds band was formed back in 2007, during the wake of singer Tom’s old band Mother Vulpine, but their self-titled debut album wasn’t released until 2010. Their first single was Meat Balloon, which was released under BSM Recording (Big Scary Monsters Recording) and it got to number 18 in the UK Indie chart. Meat Balloon isn’t a million miles away from their later material with hysterical vocals and chants but the riffs and drums are a little slower and gentler than their single I Punched A Lion In The Throat.

They have been dubbed the UK’s most explosive live band by the media but it’s clearly taken them a long time to break onto the scene. Their new album Tough Love was released in January this year and the lead single V.E.N.O.M is the track that has finally made us all turn round and listen to these guys. The band thank bands such as Biffy Clyro for sparking a new interest in British rock, which they believe has helped their success. Drummer Lee said:

“During the festivals something just seems to have flicked a switch. All of a sudden, things are starting to get a bit more crazy with the live show. I find it baffling that we can turn the radio on in the afternoon and hear our track. It says a lot about the current musical climate that people are into rock music again – it’s not such a dirty word.”

He’s not wrong and I think we can expect a lot more British rock to emerge this year.


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