SONG REVIEW: Katy Perry, Wide Awake

TITLE: Wide Awake
ARTIST: Katy Perry
LABEL: Capitol
RELEASED: May 7th 2012

Right now, music sites and blogs everywhere are talking about the leaking of Katy Perry’s new single. Many are displaying their confusion, as Dressing Up, another new addition to Katy’s Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection re-released album, was suspected to be the follow-up to Part Of Me, which was released in February.



She’s had a rollercoaster year and the California girl has only just finished a mammoth world tour but she’s back with a new track, which is a lot more chilled than her usual upbeat pop. After Part Of Me was accused of referring directly to her divorce from Russell Brand, everyone was curious as to what Katy would come up with next.

Very mellow and quite mesmerizing, it’s probably not everyone’s favourite on the new version of the album but it’s a sweet song that I think will grow on you, the more you listen to it. Compared to Part Of Me, it’s quite monotone but I think the lyrics mean that it’s definitely not boring.

It is about heartbreak, which is only natural given the public breakdown of her marriage but it’s very hopeful. She’s now wide awake as to what she really wants and needs from love, which suggests that she’s grown up and learned from her mistakes. In my opinion, “I am born again outta the lion’s den” encompasses what the song is about- she’s been through hell but is now reborn and ready for the future.

Wide Awake has a very chilled out, relaxed sound with a simple echoing beat. Katy’s vocals are very much at the forefront from the very beginning and they’re quite stripped back than is usual from her, which only adds to the simplicity of the song. No tricks or turns, just Katy Perry.

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  1. Basilia Melanson said:

    I would have to point out that Katy Perry is among the finest performers that we have today. She’s really good in singing.

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