SONG REVIEW: Ed Sheeran, Small Bump

TITLE: Small Bump
ARTIST: Ed Sheeran
LABEL: Warner Music Group
RELEASED: May 11th 2012

Another heart-rending track from the redhead who has taken the music industry by storm. Ed Sheeran is a double BRIT award winner and its the raw emotion in his lyrics that manages to touch so many people. Small Bump is no different. It’s featured on Ed’s number one album + and it’s now available to buy and download.


The Yorkshire-born star has said that the inspiration behind the song was a friend of his losing her baby. For the purpose of the song, Ed imagined that it was his child, allowing the track to become racked with  tear-jerking lines and imagery.

Small Bump has had a lot of radio airplay already and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s currently making its climb up the UK singles chart, following its similar sounding predecessors The A Team and Lego House. Ed is great at drawing on reality to create acoustic masterpieces like this. It’s incredibly simple, backed by just a slow beat, piano, acoustic guitar and it “tells you nothing but truth”. Ed’s vocals are pure with a touch of innocent maturity to his tone. He’s still young but he appears to have seen and experienced a lot.

Naturally, given the subject matter, the lyrics are incredibly profound and sad. As is typical in Ed Sheeran songs, the closing lines always leave the listener with a lasting impression that sums up the overall message. Small Bump ends with “You’re just a small bump unborn for four months, then torn from life. Maybe you were needed up there but we’re still unaware of why.” I think it rounds off the song well and encapsulates all the pain and anguish that he’s tried to create in the song.

It’s another beautiful ballad from Ed, who has just completed a very successful UK tour and will be performing at Capital Summertime Ball on June 9th, V Festival in July and then five consecutive nights at the Hammersmith Apollo in October.


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