SONG REVIEW: Gossip, Perfect World

TITLE: Perfect World
BAND: Gossip
LABEL: Columbia Records
RELEASED: May 7th 2012

Gossip are back with a new single, which is straight from the power ballad craze of the 80s. It’s from their new album A Joyful Noise, which was also released last week. Perfect World is the synth-tastic lead single and it couldn’t be further from their breakthrough punk roots.

Beth Ditto and co have continuously distanced themselves from the vein of Standing In The Way Of Control from 2006 and gone are the metallic guitars and colourful graphics in the background of videos. It’s all been replaced by an old church, rhythmic drums and an eerie atmosphere.

It’s backed by Mark Ronson and British production team Xenomania, who the band hired for their last electro-pop album Music For Men but judging from this single, the new album has again changed direction. Simple drums and a gothic synth are all that’s needed to support Beth’s soft vocals.

With a strong Bonnie Tyler influence detected, it is a great mixture of modern indie and the perfect power ballad. It’s quite a dreamy song with a lot of imagery of remembering a “picture perfect world” that reality could never compare to. It is ultimately a love song but whether it’s a love between people or a love for how the world should be and is in the paradise of dreams remains to be unseen. It’s ambiguous and therefore open to a lot of interpretation.

The video was released back in March and it’s since received streams of comments about how weird but strangely moving it is. Contemporary dancers and stained glass windows make it powerful and haunting but then it switches from sepia to vibrant colour, blending Gossip’s new modern sound with the 80s style that it impersonates. It’s certainly worth a listen!


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