SONG REVIEW: The Enemy, Saturday

TITLE: Saturday
BAND: The Enemy
LABEL: Cooking Vinyl
RELEASED: May 21st 2012

The Enemy’s new single was released this week and it’s a banging upbeat summer barbecue anthem, if ever I heard one. It’s not too different or original for them but after its play at the FA Cup final last weekend, it’s already gained massive coverage.

The Coventry lads are known for their loud punchy, indie rock and claimed some big hits such as 2007’s Away From Here. Saturday is definitely in the same vein, which means their new album Streets In The Sky, due for release on May 21st will probably follow suit.

The energetic drums and metallic guitar with “uh uh oh’s” backing Tom Clarke’s vocals make Saturday a definite Enemy song. It simply couldn’t anyone else, which is without a doubt a huge plus. Britpop is beginning to make a comeback into the charts and the release of Saturday could accelerate it. They’re sticking to what they know they can do, which is perfectly fine but they could afford to step outside of the comfort zone every now and then.

It’s a real feel-good track with the chorus contrasting the drabness of the verses, which are frosted with misery and mundane life but “Saturday Saturday makes it all ok”. The music really picks up with the mood of the song, which in turn picks up the listener. Like many songs that seem to crop up around summer time, it’s about living for the weekend and having fun.

If you love The Enemy, then you’ll love this song but although it lacks originality, it’s an indie song that is focusing on something positive, which is something that I feel a lot of contemporary indie tends to bypass in favour of a more melancholic lyrical content. Kudos for being happy!


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