SONG REVIEW: Deaf Havana featuring Portia Conn, Little White Lies

TITLE: Little White Lies
BAND/ARTIST: Deaf Havana, Portia Conn
RELEASED: May 28th 2012

An upcoming single from Norfolk alternative band, Deaf Havana is on the horizon and it features Portia Conn, who supported James Bourne at the gig I reviewed a couple of months ago in Islington. Although she only pitches in at the end of the track, she must have been chuffed to feature on it.

It’s a fierce pop punk number from their most recent album, Fools And Worthless Liars, which was released last year. The album peaked at number 26 in the UK Rock Chart but I really think that Little White Lies could cause it to see another influx of sales. It’s the type of song that anyone could find themselves tapping along to without even noticing.

A tricksy guitar riff kicks it off and this continues through the first verse, when it launches into an alternative love-in with slamming drums and James Veck-Gilodi’s vocals being shown off to the max. By the time the second chorus comes around, you’ve entered the height of what Deaf Havana are really about- genuine, passionate rock. Portia adds the soul and it becomes a song that you just can’t stop listening to. Singer James says of the track:

“This song is simply about what it says in the title. All the times I have lied, covered up and been dishonest about anything to anyone I care about, which is more often than I’d like to admit. It also covers the way that lies eat away at my brain and cause me to almost lose my mind, yet I still keep making mistakes and bad decisions. In a nutshell I just wish I could find it in myself to apologise for all these things, and make it up to the people I affected in any way possible.”

The chorus is simply “If I had any heart left, I’d give it all to you. To make up for the time spent not telling the truth” which is honestly one of the most accessible refrains I’ve yet to hear. Ironically, the song is about dishonesty but it’s incredibly open and frank. Yes, the sound is like a thousand other songs out there but the concept is a beautiful one.


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