SONG REVIEW: Yellowcard, Always Summer

TITLE: Always Summer
BAND: Yellowcard
LABEL: Hopeless Records
RELEASED: May 21st 2012

The first glimpse of the new Yellowcard album is here in the form of this aptly named single, Always Summer. It suggests a wonderful paradise, where harsh cold winters are unheard of and as a result, its upbeat sound is a must for all summer playlists.

The Florida alternative/pop punks will be releasing their as-yet untitled eighth album this summer and it will be the follow up to last year’s When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes, which received generally positive reviews. Yellowcard are confirmed on this year’s Warped Tour, which takes place in October in the US. It’s also coming to London for the first time ever in November but they are as yet unconfirmed to take the flight across the pond. Always Summer is a fun, catchy track which bodes well for the upcoming LP.

The band have picked the song’s title well, as it reflects exactly what everyone wants their summer to be like- bright, energetic and full of life. Yellowcard are known for using a violin in their music, which allows them to put their own stamp on the pop punk genre. The happy violin solo in the middle of Always Summer really injects the life and colour into the song, making it ideal for blasting out of bedrooms and car windows. The opening guitar solo reminds me of their earlier material i.e. Ocean Avenue but despite Ryan Key’s vocals being incredibly similar to other pop punk singers, it’s still definitely Yellowcard.

The lyrics reflect a coming into the light after being stuck in a dark, lonely place for a while. It’s such a feel good song that could really bring a lot of hope to its listeners with it saying “yes things are bad but they get better”. A lot of songs out there do this but do they really do it like Yellowcard have with an amazing combination of guitars and violins, creating such a genuine positive disposition? I’m not so sure! This lyric video was released with the track on Tuesday with an official video still on its way.

They’re definitely onto a hit with this one, as I can’t see many people not loving it particularly with the weather this summer promising to be as sunny as the song!


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