SONG REVIEW: Man Like Me, Squeeze

TITLE: Squeeze
BAND: Man Like Me
LABEL: The Beats
RELEASED: May 28th 2012

You might recognise these guys from a certain IKEA advert but they’ve got a new single out next week! The rather odd sounding indie/pop London duo may always be found in the kitchen at parties but they’re stepping out into the big wide world with this one and an album is also on its way.

Squeeze is smothered in electronic beats and other bizarre backing sounds. It’s incredibly energetic and singer Johnny Langer’s vocals provide the very-present camp quality. In the same vein as their cover of Jona Lewie’s Kitchen At Parties in terms of its youthful current sound but Squeeze is much more upbeat and sexy.

The comical lyric style is guaranteed to make you smile, especially as the gaps filled by weird sounds, make it easy to decipher the nature of the track. With the use of electronic beeps and squeaks, Scissor Sisters do come to mind but I’m sure you’ll agree just by listening to it that Man Like Me are a million miles from the flamboyant New Yorkers. There’s a definite Brit twist and hint of cheekiness that the duo have and it’s really quite endearing.

They’re signed to the label of Mike Skinner, of Streets fame, which hasn’t produced much success from any of its signings but the rapper is said to have a lot of faith in these guys. Well, they definitely seem very likeable, due to their music having the ability to make even the most miserable person smile (it MUST make you smile, no matter how you’re feeling!) and they could just be the ones to break the curse of their record label.


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