SONG REVIEW: Tom Jones, Hit Or Miss

TITLE: Hit Or Miss
ARTIST: Tom Jones
LABEL: Island Records
RELEASED: May 21st 2012

The Welsh crooner has been gracing our screens every Saturday and Sunday night as a coach on The Voice and it seems to have resurrected his career. He’s got a new album out called Spirit In The Room and this brand new single, Hit Or Miss.

The 72-year-old singer, who regularly talks about his friendships with Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and Aretha Franklin on the BBC1 talent show, has become a national treasure, selling 100 million records over a career spanning over 50 years and it would seem that he’s just not going to stop!

Hit Or Miss is a classic country track, which isn’t a regular genre for Tom, who has previously sung pop, gospel and rock. Its happy guitar riff and American theme welcomes Tom back into the music world and is wonderfully laid back. Ok, so he hasn’t come out with something completely fresh and current but would that really be appropriate from a legend like Sir Tom? He’s not trying to recruit new young fans, he’s simply sticking to what has caused his success and come up with Hit Or Miss. A great summer anthem to drive down to the beach to or sink into the grass after a lazy picnic.

It’s Tom’s second single from the new album after Evil, a collaboration with Jack White, was released in March, which as you might expect is somewhat different to Hit Or Miss. It just goes to show that Tom is still capable of tackling multiple genres and to be honest, there aren’t many current artists who can do that.


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