SONG REVIEW: Ladyhawke, Sunday Drive

TITLE: Sunday Drive
ARTIST: Ladyhawke
LABEL: Modular
RELEASED: May 28th 2012

Here’s a weird little song that appeared this week. Ladyhawke’s album Anxiety is also out this week and although she hasn’t had huge success in the UK, she has done elsewhere, including her home land of New Zealand.

Ladyhawke, real name Phillipa Brown, has been singing in bands since the early noughties and had hits with My Delirium and Paris Is Burning. Anxiety is her second solo album and is an electropop fest, just like its lead single. Scissor Sisters have recently remixed Sunday Drive, which should help it up the charts. She’s never had a top ten single or album over here but I actually think Sunday Drive is one of those tracks that certainly should be up there.

It’s laden with synth and a steady drum, making it a very current-sounding song. The vocals have that popular breathy quality that so many female singers are emulating right now and the resonating guitar solo in the middle is straight out of a sci-fi film. Considering the successes of La Roux and Niki & the Dove, there’s no reason why their fans shouldn’t embrace this song.

The lyrics are simple and tell the story of loving someone you can’t help loving. “I can’t pretend to hate you cause I will always love you” is certainly a thought that has crossed all of our minds at some point. It suggests a turbulent relationship that she just wants to calm down, so that can go out on a relaxing drive. I love the metaphor “Waiting for the rain to behave” in reference to wanting the arguement or misery in the relationship to stop. She has some really clever lyrics in this song and I feel that she doesn’t seem to get enough credit for her work.

It’s a perfect summer track and you’ll be bopping around your barbecues to it, no doubt. I hope it’s her breakthrough track because Ladyhawke does seem to have a lot of talent that is currently going unnoticed.


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