SONG REVIEW: Lawson, When She Was Mine

TITLE: When She Was Mine
BAND: Lawson
LABEL: Polydor
RELEASED: May 28th 2012

A new boyband are in town and their debut single is a sure-fire indie hit. They’ve supported The Wanted, Avril Lavigne and Will Young but they’re now busting out on their own. With a slot at this year’s T In The Park, 2012 is looking to be their year.

The London-based foursome, who take their name from the doctor who operated on singer Andy Brown’s brain tumour, are a lot more edgy than The Wanted and I think they actually bear more resemblance to The Script. With guitars and an air of charm, Lawson could well attract the same fanbase as the Irish indie rockers.

When She Was Mine is their debut single and it’s a typical love song about a broken relationship. It’s got a simple pop rhythm and Andy has a pretty distinctive voice. There aren’t many artists who have the same tone as him, which gives Lawson an originality. The guitar solo also separates them from other boybands and the fact that they are actually playing their own instruments and not simply dancing around with no tops on is always a bonus!

It’s a really sweet song about being in love with an ex, which the majority of people will relate to. There aren’t too many lyrics in it -there is a lot of repetition of the song’s title and variations of it, meaning there isn’t so much a story, just a general emotion which a lot of pop songs tend to do. Let’s hope on the album that they do have some tracks that contain a bit more of a narrative and that they develop their indie sound because they really could be big.

With girlband exes and former X Factor links, (Andy has dated Mollie King from The Saturdays and was part of the band Avenue, who were banned from the 2006 series of The X Factor for already having a record deal), they seem to have all the ingredients of a modern day boyband, so this could well be the age of Lawson.


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