Static Pink

Completely by chance, I heard these guys playing a set on the prom just before I left Aber and I was really loving what I heard, so I thought I’d spread the word. With this blog really widening its readership over the past few days, I feel that I have a duty to raise awareness of awesome but unknown bands.

Static Pink are from Aber and they’re a five-piece pop/punk band, who quite frankly stole the show at the weekend. They’re a little mixture of All Time Low and Kids In Glass Houses, which really caught my attention. They were formed in 2009 and have headlined as well as supported shows. For a little town like Aberystwyth, where nothing much happens, their prospects are incredibly exciting and they’ve gained quite a bit of airtime on local radio stations, as well as great reviews from BBC Introducing…

Their debut album 42 is ten tracks of catchy riffs, slamming beats and that rich, sweet chocolatey quality embedded in the profound lyrics. It was released in January and is definitely worth a listen to anyone who likes energetic, moving pop punk. They state all the pop punk greats- Blink 182, Sum 41, The Offspring as influences and each one really shines through, which is great.

What’s even more great is that you can check them out in plenty of online places including , and

They’re a new upcoming talent, who are trying to widen their fanbase, so just click and listen and give these guys a chance.


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