EP REVIEW: Babyfaced Assassins, Forget The Signs

TITLE: Forget The Signs
BAND: Babyfaced Assassins
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: June 6th 2012

This new Epsom-based foursome have finally released their debut EP titled Forget The Signs. Packed full of energy and fresh, exciting sounds, Babyfaced Assassins’ first effort is sure to grab the attention of anyone who loves guitars mixed with a little bit of sophistication. Female grunge and punk groups are becoming more of a regular thing now and it’s great to see women with real talent rocking out.

Forget The Signs opens with Follow Me, which merges heaps of femininity with catchy riffs. Unlike a lot of typical grunge, it’s not too in your face but quite melodic with singer Claudia Brinckman providing soulful vocals over the steady beat of the instruments. It sounds like it would be a great show-opener as well as an album-opener, as it really switches you on to what the band are about- tough, confident rock.

Take’s ripple-effect guitar becomes a motif throughout the song, cropping up intermittently. It could be symbolic of what the lyrics are actually dealing with, which is a one sided relationship, where the speaker isn’t getting anything back from her partner. His ignorance and disregard could be taking its toll and spreading like a ripple through her, cranking up the frustration. The track is more pop-based than others on the EP but the bursts of alternative rock in between the vocals show that these girls can do more than one genre within the same song.

The EP then drifts into Hold Me Down, which features a few Nickelback-esque riffs. It’s an empowering message about not letting anyone hold you back- “hold me down but I will always be free” sums up the entire moral of the track. The backing vocals join in on crucial lines, highlighting the song’s true purpose which is to remind the listener never to let anyone stand in the way of their dreams. A powerful but effective and important sentiment that everyone should take on board.

Ending on Stop The Rain, a more mellow sound with the vocals coming to the forefront was a great decision. With a catchy chorus and an instrumental resembling Young Guns, this is possibly the biggest hit on the EP. The simple rhythm makes it a great warm-down song for when you need to chill and to have an easy-going, relaxed song at the end of the album is always a good shout. It really rounds the EP off well and it’s like the listener has come down from the energy burst at the start.

On the whole, it’s a well rounded album with a clear beginning, middle and end. Babyfaced Assassins were formed back in 2008 and have lots of gig experience. If this is the first we’re hearing from them, it’s really exciting to hear what else they’ve got in store for us because they have a good balance between the rich soulful vocals of pop and the no-nonsense attitude and loud energy of alternative rock. A new influx of alternative girlbands could be about to emerge, so Babyfaced Assassins could become very big very soon.


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