SONG REVIEW: Florence + The Machine, Spectrum

TITLE: Spectrum
BAND: Florence + The Machine
LABEL: Universal Island
RELEASED: July 8th 2012

A cracking new single is on its way from Florence. She’s about to release Spectrum from the album Ceremonials, which was released last year and it’s another epic, echoing track but with a chart-topping beat behind it.

The band have just recorded and released their contribution to the Snow White And The Huntsman soundtrack, Breath Of Life which is fast becoming THE film to see right now and Spectrum is set to blast its way to chart stardom. Florence and Paul Epworth, their long-time producer are no strangers to the number one spot and they certainly know how to get there.

Spectrum is pretty similar to You’ve Got The Love with regard to where it rises and falls. An almost acapella intro launching into a musical meeting of drums and electronic strings bouncing off the walls, culminating in the kind of massive production we’re used to from them. Calvin Harris has already remixed Spectrum and it’s probably going to be his version that you’ll hear in all the clubs this summer but the original works just as well for partying the night away and letting off a little steam.

It’s got a spooky element to it, which a lot of Florence + The Machine songs have but it’s a song about being happily in love. The constant chant of “say my name” is incredibly haunting and despite the fact the lyrics depict a story of the first flushes of love, it’s got the kind of dark tone to it which on the whole, makes the song more well-rounded. By having positive lyrics sung in a dark, ghostly voice, both sides of love are being alluded to.

Florence + The Machine have become a huge name in British indie-pop over the last few years and Spectrum is a perfect example of why. It’s catchy and stays true to what they know they’re good at. The backing is more dance based than other material too, so I think it will appeal to a lot of people.


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