SONG REVIEW: Adam Lambert, Never Close Our Eyes

TITLE: Never Close Our Eyes
ARTIST: Adam Lambert
RELEASED: June 25th 2012

The American Idol runner up has released a new track, which is set to be another dancefloor filler. This summer is teeming with songs with thumping beats and splattering electronics, meaning the summer charts are packed with club smashes.

Guyliner-wearing, San Diego born Adam has just finished touring with Queen, where he took on the challenge of standing in Freddie’s shoes. He recently said of the venture:

“One of the exciting things about fronting Queen is that we’re crashing two worlds together. I love the music of Queen and classic rock but right now, I’m creating music that is a little more dance/pop hopefully with a rock ‘n’ roll spirit.”

Adam’s new album Trespassing showcases his work with other artists and right from the first listen, you can hear the Bruno Mars in Never Close Our Eyes. With heart-wrenching lyrics such as “If I had my way, we’d never close our eyes”, it couldn’t be written by anyone but Bruno. The production is by Dr Luke, who also produced Katy Perry’s and Ke$ha’s biggest hits, as well as Britney’s comeback single -club classic Hold It Against Me.

Slow piano riffs escalate to a steady pulse and Adam’s voice rolls over the synth with an instrumental culmination, which brings the song down before building again into a dance explosion. It’s nothing original and it’s exactly like the other dance tracks you’ve heard recently but Adam’s tone slots into the genre well. Despite the campness, Never Close Our Eyes is a catchy tune. It will swim round your head for hours after you’ve listened and of course, it will get you up on the floor.


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