SONG REVIEW: Muse, Survival

TITLE: Survival
BAND: Muse
LABEL: Warner Bros.
RELEASED: June 27th 2012

The new Muse track was leaked today and it’s been branded as the Olympic theme. With this in mind, the title seems a bit ironic considering surviving is what Team GB will probably manage to achieve. Not to dishearten anyone but we’re hardly a nation of sporting winners (take a look at England’s performance in Europe over the weekend- seriously, a crash out on penalties again?). However, Muse make award-winning British music, so it’s an awesome motivator and morale booster.

As well as being a warm-up, excitement inducing Olympic track, Survival is also the first flavour of the band’s new album The 2nd Law, which is due to be released in September. It’s an incredibly powerful and full-on track, which because of its Olympic origins, probably doesn’t fully reflect the rest of the album.

Survival begins with a doleful, wonderfully British violin intro, which could have come straight from the opening credits of a Disney movie. The jazz kicks in with the piano and when Matt finally arrives, the song is being carried by the staccato “ah ah ah’s”. The incorporation of opera and the classic British guitars give the whole song that epic, wow-factor. It’s a show opener and no doubt it will really light up the opening ceremony.

With inspirational, let’s-do-battle lyrics, the song is looking set to be a massive hit over the next few weeks, as everyone jumps on the “you can do it, you’re British” bandwagon. Lines such as “You won’t pull ahead, I’ll keep up the pace and I’ll reveal my strength to the whole human race” could only refer to Olympian strength and might. Of course, it’s a track with a lot to say for standing up for yourself and it certainly has a message that we should all take on board -fight for what you want.

Being accomplished live performers, Muse are likely to give an amazing performance of Survival and stir a feeling of pride in all British eyes that are watching. The song itself is a great union of rock, opera and orchestral music, which mirrors the union of nations that the Olympics is. Like the London 2012 Olympic Games, it’s big, overdone and could perhaps have benefitted from a little less drama but when asked to write a song for the Games, Matt pretty much got it right.


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