SONG REVIEW: Little Mix, Wings

TITLE: Wings
BAND: Little Mix
RELEASED: August 22nd 2012

We’re always cynical of the futures of X Factor winners but it seems like the girls have done it again. Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke have been the most successful winners of the ITV talent show and 2011 winners Little Mix seem set to be its third female success. Their new single Wings will be released at a crucial time, which is something that forgotten winners have failed to do.

Tulisa’s “little muffins” will follow up their cover of Damien Rice’s Cannonball with an incredibly catchy, fun track. Sticking to the young, trendy style which they honed on the show, Little Mix will return to us next month with Wings, which was debuted at T4 On The Beach on Friday and got its first radio airplay today on Radio 1.

With an upbeat pop backing, the girls once again treat us to a collection of their rich harmonies and don’t-mess-with-us sound which oozes influence from their Female Boss mentor. It’s about standing up for yourself and following your dreams while ignoring criticism is what the song is all about, which is a subject often visited in modern pop and R&B. However, there’s something about Wings and Little Mix that give the lyrics “Mama told me not to waste my life. She said ‘Spread your wings, my little butterfly'” a bit more integrity than a lot of other tracks with the same message. They’re fighting back against the criticism they received on the show and proving that they’re worthy winners.

Wings is likely to be a second number one for the first ever group to win X Factor, due to its catchy chorus and sunny outlook. It’s been confirmed that Gary Barlow will be writing tracks for Little Mix’s album, which is yet to have a name or release date, so expect some more lyrical genius from them in the near future.

It was said when they were X Factor contestants and it’s remained true -Little Mix are normal, accessible girls who want to be good role models for their young female fans. The fact they’re not singing about being man-eating bitches or parading around in skimpy outfits but wearing clothes their fans would actually wear themselves sets them apart from other girlbands. Girl power is back!


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