SONG REVIEW: Bombay Bicycle Club, Beg

BAND: Bombay Bicycle Club
LABEL: Island Records
RELEASED: July 9th 2012

With a slot at this year’s T In The Park, Bombay Bicycle Club have come a long way since winning a spot at V Festival 2006 through the Channel 4 competition Road To V. The indie Londoners released their third album A Different Kind Of Fix last summer. Beg can be found as a bonus track on the iTunes version of the album.

Not an original album track, Bombay Bicycle Club performed Beg at their sell-out gig at Alexandra Palace in London back in April. The reception was so positive that the band realised they would have to release it as a single and it became the final track from A Different Kind Of Fix. From its humble origins as a bonus track, Beg has really climbed up the ranks and is now a permanent fixture on the band’s live set.

A musical experiment for the band sees them move into a more pop-based direction but the vocals from Jack Steadman allow it to be recognised as them. The mechanical sounds in the intro are joined by the rhythmic drums and an almost drunken bass line adds an edge to it that is rarely seen in neat-freak indie tracks that are being produced by the hour. Steel drums enter and by the time the four minutes are up, you’ve been treated to a plethora of sounds that hang around your head for hours afterwards.

It’s a track that retains a lot of Bombay Bicycle Club originality, while simultaneously showing the band’s eagerness to develop and branch out into other genres. Beg is already a proven hit with live audiences and it will be a great surprise release for the fans. Whether it will be a big hit remains to be seen but the band were right to release an interesting single, which takes a twist into new avenues.


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