SONG REVIEW: The Milk, Every Time We Fight

TITLE: Every Time We Fight
BAND: The Milk
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: July 9th 2012

Here’s a new band for you to get into, if you love modern rock with old-fashioned tones thrown in. The Milk appear to have an eclectic musical taste with elements of soul, R&B and rock and roll. If you like a bit of nostalgic guitar pop with an up-to-date vocal and electronic embellishments, then The Milk will be your new favourite band.

Despite being unsigned at the moment, the Chelmsford boys have a selection of tracks online including the EP B-Roads and B-Sides, which is available on iTunes. They’ve also landed a slot at this year’s V Festival, which will no doubt give them some much needed exposure. Due to the amount of promotion it’s already received, Every Time We Fight looks set to be their breakthrough single.

With a 1960s working class setting and Inbetweeners actor James Buckley, the video depicts the band as edgy with a lot of soul. The song is peppered with electro and metallic strikes, which provide a mixed sound and paired with Ricky Nunn’s almost motown vocals, it’s got that lived-in and timeless sound that only some of the best classic hits have. With heartfelt lyrics which step into the future and the fears of how things change, it almost eradicates any time setting you might previously have put it in. Forward-thinking lyrics, electronic tinkles and heaps of retro influence, Every Time We Fight has got all bases covered.

If it weren’t for the recent 60s soul and R&B revival, you’d never believe it was a contemporary track. It could be argued that they’re perhaps trying a little too hard to incorporate sounds of times gone by but you can’t deny that there is something appealing about them. The band know that they’ve got to keep a foot in the present, in order to keep up with the times and dodge the risk of regressing too much into a past genre. Dubbed “the band everyone is going to flip out about” by BBC 6Music, The Milk are sure to become radio favourites very soon.


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