SONG REVIEW: The Killers, Runaways

TITLE: Runaways
BAND: The Killers
LABEL: Island Records
RELEASED: July 17th 2012

The Killers debuted their new single yesterday on Radio 1 and it’s the first glimpse of their new album Battle Born, which is due for a September release. Runaways merges 80s-style material from their 2008 album Day & Age, which spawned the hit Human and earlier guitar smashes like When You Were Young.

The Las Vegas rockers have been on hiatus for the last few years, while singer Brandon Flowers released his solo album Flamingo, which reached number one in the UK album chart and featured the hit single Crossfire. The band are now back together and Battle Born, which is named after their own recording studio, is set to be a comeback which will set them at the great heights they’re used to.

A slow build up to the chorus, which explodes into a flurry of heavy drums and fierce riffs, which really ramp up the track from the soulful first minute. It’s got a real Americana thing going on and the tone has been compared to Bruce Springsteen, which is a resemblance the band haven’t really shown before. However, there is something epic about the end result of the track. It’s really quite dramatic and if you close your eyes, the fireworks and strobes are already in motion.

The song tells the story of young lovers who have the recklessness to run from their problems. Even though time has gone by and they’ve grown up and had a family, they still feel the need to run away except now they’re contemplating running from each other. “Maybe we should run away” becomes “We used to laugh, now we only fight” followed by an ending which suggests he’s leaving the relationship, “We’re all just runaways”. A tragic but unfortunately realistic tale of a long term relationship that has gone stale and the prevailing desire to pack up and run.

Dance based synths mixed with The Killers’ classic indie pop sound makes Runaways a track that should appeal to the fans, old and new. It’s nothing completely fresh for the band, which might disappoint those who thought the break might mean a new direction, but it’s a song that will certainly do very well. Their return to music will no doubt be everywhere during the next few weeks and in the run-up to the release of the album, so be prepared to hear some Killer (get it?) tunes!


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