SONG REVIEW: Daniel Powter, Cupid

TITLE: Cupid
ARTIST: Daniel Powter
RELEASED: July 9th 2012

Look no further for a summer pop anthem! Remember that Bad Day song that you blasted out of your CD player, when you’d had enough of the world? Daniel Powter is finally back with a new single that could perhaps match the heights of his debut single, which was played everywhere in 2005. His new album Turn On The Lights was released yesterday and the first single from it is Cupid, this incredibly catchy track, which has been hanging around for a few months and has finally been released.

The Canadian singer-songwriter spiralled into a dark place after the success of his debut track and sank into alcohol and drug addiction, explaining his subsequent absence from the music scene. However, since relocating to LA and settling down with a young family, he’s come back fighting and Cupid really shows it. It’s punchy and full of fresh energy that will no doubt do well internationally.

An upbeat guitar keeps the rhythm and a sunny disposition oozes from every beat. Daniel’s vocals have matured somewhat since Bad Day and he’s clearly been through a lot since he was last on the radio waves. It’s great that he’s not begun to sing about his past demons but remaining positive. A simple but a fun and catchy hook with uplifting lyrics.

It’s great to hear a song with an optimistic outlook on love, as there are far too many tracks that complain about how sad or frustrating romance is. “You’re a yes in a world of no’s. You’re the Beatles to my Stones” are subtle but beautiful lines, which depict a well-matched loving relationship. Such a universal, happy theme means Cupid will be a regular feature on the radio over the coming months.

What a great comeback from the man we’d all marked as a one hit wonder. Guarantee that you’ll be humming this one for the rest of the day.


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