SONG REVIEW: The Black Keys, Run Right Back

TITLE: Run Right Back
BAND: The Black Keys
LABEL: Nonesuch
RELEASED: July 23rd 2012

Originally released as the B-side to the album’s first single Lonely Boy, Run Right Back is another sleek retro single from the Ohio duo, whose last single Dead and Gone was reviewed a few months ago. Taken from the same album El Camino, which has seen huge success since its release in December. 1950s/60s America seems to be a popular musical trend at the moment and with an album centred around it, it’s no wonder recent Black Keys material has seen a lot of radio airplay.

A whining guitar introduces the smokey tones and underlying bass with the catchy chorus preceding the drawling riff, which becomes a recurring motif. You can just see the girls with their beehives and mini-skirts jiving to it in some backstreet American bar. No, it’s not a lot different from the last single but that’s because the whole album is set very much in this time period.

Going back to the 50s could be considered a pretty hipster thing to do but The Black Keys are simply taking the label of indie which they’ve somehow acquired, turned it around and sent it back where it came from. This is a band who want to do something new with every album, meaning creativity is constantly flowing. In a world where we have so much to complain about, why not travel back to a time when everything could be solved with a little boogie?

Steady rhythms and blues influences power the song through time and space into the 21st century and as a mark of its journey, it’s got elements of every era in between. It’s one of those tracks that you just instantly love, due to its ability to make you smile from the get-go. A simple song of love and being addicted to a lover, whether they’re good for us or not, is something we can all relate to.

Minimalism is something The Black Keys have always done well and indeed, they’ve gained their big breakthrough tracks through simplicity and arty deliverance. Run Right Back is no exception to this rule and it’s another hit for them.


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