SONG REVIEW: Ryan O’Shaughnessy, No Name

TITLE: No Name
ARTIST: Ryan O’Shaughnessy
LABEL: RCA Records
RELEASED: August 5th 2012

He warmed the nation’s hearts with this self-penned song on this year’s series of Britain’s Got Talent and Ryan O’Shaughnessy has now released an official video of his ballad. It’s the debut single from his self-titled mini-album, which is released on Monday.

The Dublin teenager, who came fifth on the talent show, wrote the song about a mystery girl, who subsequently rejected him after his performance of the track at his audition. It’s never going to be a massive arena filler but no doubt, it will shed a few tears at intimate venues.

A simple acoustic leads the way with Ryan’s sugary vocals playing the part of hopeless romantic. The sincerity and shyness are what caused the judges to put him through but out in the big wide world of the music industry, it seems a little eclipsed by the bigger voices and frankly more all-round powerful songs, which are around at the moment.

With the demise of Westlife having just passed, it seems we have a new, twee, Irish popstar in the mix. It’s plain, simple and far too lovey-dovey for most people but the BGT tag will probably means it gets lots of radio time and it might even get into the top 40.


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