SONG REVIEW: Paloma Faith, 30 Minute Love Affair

TITLE: 30 Minute Love Affair
ARTIST: Paloma Faith
LABEL: RCA Records
RELEASED: August 10th 2012

The follow-up to comeback single Picking Up The Pieces was released yesterday and it’s another heart-rending pop ballad. There are differences though and gone are the strings from the Fall To Grace debut single. Replaced by a simple pop backing, 30 Minute Love Affair explores a brief romantic encounter. Paloma recently explained  it as:

“It’s about how it’s sometimes better to have brief encounters with people because they will always remain perfect in your memory and you’ll never work out what’s not right with them. You glorify them and that’s magical.”

The lyrics describe a romantic situation that almost everyone has been in -an overwhelming attraction to someone you don’t know and won’t know the next day. They’re beautiful, alluring, intriguing and for a short period you think you might actually be in love but then it all ends. “Runaway lover, I soon discovered it was best when we left it. I’ll never forget it, our 30 minute love affair” may seem so matter-of-fact and maybe even a little cold but as she suggests, these “relationships” are perhaps better for the heart. There’s no drama, just the initial flush of romance.

In a Marilyn Monroe inspired get-up, Paloma sings in a strip club giving it a smokey, mysterious air. She’s the queen of kooky vintage and the video once again sees her play a glamorous songstress with a lot of emotion. Powerful ballads are fast becoming her specialty and it really suits the classic soul in her voice. A beautiful track, which is oozing sophistication.


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