SONG REVIEW: Rita Ora, How We Do (Party)

TITLE: How We Do (Party)
ARTIST: Rita Ora
LABEL: Roc Nation
RELEASED: August 13th 2012

This girl seems to be everywhere at the moment and her new single, the second  from her album ORA, has just landed. As a protegee of Jay-Z, it seems the 21-year-old Londoner has it all right now but things haven’t always been as hunky-dory.

A failed Eurovision: Your Country Needs You 2009 contestant, Rita was signed to Roc Nation that same year and burst onto the scene, when she appeared on the club smash Hot Right Now with DJ Fresh. Her debut single RIP featuring Tinie Tempah was released in May and got to number one in the UK chart. How We Do (Party) looks set to follow up the success and there’s no denying that it’s an incredibly catchy track!

Sampling lyrics from rapper Notorious BIG’s hit Party And Bullshit, How We Do is one for those who love very young and fresh pop with Jessie J style vocals over the top. Rita may be the newest pop princess to arrive on an already over-populated scene and her sound isn’t completely original. However, she has a likeability and a solid backing from some of the biggest names in the industry, meaning she’ll probably be one of those whose career just goes from strength to strength.

Having had RIP criticised for being too Rihanna-like, How We Do has clearly taken on board the comments and gone down a different path. A certain innocence surrounds the latest single, whereas its predecessor was a bit more sultry. How We Do is a more appropriate song to show the kids but she could still do with some work regarding her own style.


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