ALBUM REVIEW: The Midnight Beast, The Midnight Beast

TITLE: The Midnight Beast
BAND: The Midnight Beast
LABEL: Sounds Like Good
RELEASED: August 13th 2012

The YouTube trio, who posted a hilarious cover of Ke$ha’s Tik Tok, back in 2009 and since then have secured their own sitcom on E4, have now unleashed an album. The Londoners have really elevated their social standing in the last few months but taking on a musical genre that has been done so well by Flight of the Conchords and The Lonely Island is a big ask for anyone.

The Midnight Beast are a group who are bursting with a desire to twist some of the best known tracks on their heads, as well as some lyrical efforts of their own, which are full of the typical teenage boy sex jokes and a juvenile sound. However, there are a few tracks which will make you think “this could actually be a massive hit”.

The whole album is synth-heavy with lashings of auto-tune applied, which give the whole thing a fresh, electronic style. Yeah, it’s a little bit hipster but Quirky will prove that these guys aren’t afraid to make fun of themselves. YouTube is full of songs that parody modern youth culture and The Midnight Beast have simply taken this a little bit further than most.

Their hit I Kicked A Shark In The Face opens the album and lets you know the level of randomness you’re working with. This is all about acting tough and triumphing over nature through animal violence. The ridiculousness of it lends a hilarity to the breakdown at the end of the song, where the lyrics claim that they do in fact love animals, “so the animal lovers don’t come for us”. This opening track, the following track Ninjas and their version of Jay-Z’s Big Pimpin’ titled Medium Pimpin’ are British posh boys’ attempts at rap and that in itself makes them both funny.

The MGMT style electronica runs through most of the album and 80s style harmonies join it on tracks such as Begging, Just Another Boyband and Too Many Drunk Girls. Visions of the band crowded round a laptop recording these tracks are far too clear in anyone’s mind for them not to be true. Booty Call is another song, which brings back memories of the videos that brought The Midnight Beast to our attentions. It’s got a pop-punk aspect to it, which resembles Stereo Skyline and Twenty Twenty. It’s definitely one of the album’s sure-fire hits, due to its poppy youth and guitar-led energy.

Another side of the band is shown on tracks such as Censorshit, which samples several parts of Rage Against The Machine’s Christmas number one Killing In The Name Of… and this is where they seem to really rock. Full of teen defiance and ego-inflation with lyrics such “the doctor thought my dick was an umbilical cord” poke fun at metalheads everywhere and you have to laugh with them. It’s observational comedy at its best.

Reverting to a lighter sound, Life Is A Musical oozes humour and insincerity, which dramatises the American high school experience. Whether you’re the biggest Gleek or the biggest hater of random outbursts of song from attractive teenagers, The Midnight Beast have written this track to make you smile. Clearly, some intense studying of HSM has been done!

It’s not all fun and games though. On an album, which covers almost every aspect of teenage life, it wouldn’t be complete without some of the shit stuff too. Enter Daddy and Strategy Wanking, both of which deal with some of the issues that can affect a young cool person, such as their listeners. The former discusses a broken home and the latter is a crude nod to how teenage boys tackle (excuse the pun!) their anxieties. Both are done in a humorous manner but there’s a reason why they’re actually included on the record. The Midnight Beast are a band who use real-life situations and make light of everything, even the bad. Not a bad message to pass on, really.

One great thing about the album is that it touches on several musical genres -rap, metal, electronica, pop-punk. Granted they’re all done in a ridiculous fashion but there is no denying that this album brings a smile to your face. It includes everything that the Skins generation are obsessed with, from sex, drinking, video games, texting, synths, retro trends, boosting one’s own ego and a massive dollop of quirky, geek-chic which is without a doubt the coolest thing ever at the moment. Apparently.


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