SONG REVIEW: Hero Jr, Naked

TITLE: Naked
BAND: Hero Jr
LABEL: Desa Records
RELEASED: August 17th 2012

Can’t get enough of your American rockers at the moment? Here is a new one for you. Hero Jr are four Indiana guys with a lot of heartfelt raw emotion and a serious passion for rocking big venues. Having released their self-titled debut album two years ago, they are about to release the follow up Back-Up Plan on October 23rd.

Hero Jr are bringing a little bit of American fire across the pond and Naked dropped just a couple of weeks ago. To say that it’s three minutes of guitar heaven is a bit of an understatement, as the riffs really carry the track. Backed up by a constant heartbeat courtesy of drummer Matthew Haughey behind Evan Haughey’s Caleb Followill-esque vocals, it’s an incredibly addictive song.

Catchy choruses are normally what makes a song successful and Naked certainly has that. In fact, the melody of the verses is equally as catchy, making it a track that will be forever doing loops in your head. With its sing-song rhythm and resonating guitars, it’s also a great live anthem, which will no doubt get everyone jumping in the moshpit.

Feeling vulnerable and/or exposed in a relationship where you’re head over heels in love is something that we’ve all felt and Naked’s subtext seems to allude to this situation. Putting all your energy into someone and giving them complete control of your feelings is scary but Naked describes it perfectly. It’s a great song to turn to when you feel like you’re giving too much to your lover.

Hero Jr are experienced rockers with a lot of grit and talent to boot. Keep up with them at and


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