An Arizona five-piece have recently become new Twitter followers of
mine and their happy, energetic pop-punk sound meant that I simply had to shout about them on here. They’ve just released the full length album On Your Way, which is available on iTunes and if you’re into a slightly indie version of All Time Low, RadioDriveBy are going to be your new musical crush.

Born in autumn 2009, RadioDriveBy have played shows with Forever The Sickest Kids and Family Force 5 and are rapidly climbing to the top of the Arizona music scene. Their debut EP Nothin’ But Better was released in June last year followed by the single Hope You Know in October. The new four-track EP was unleashed in March and it could well be the band’s breakthrough record with plenty of catchy choruses and ear-friendly riffs.

A classic American punk tone backed up with slamming drums and melodic guitars mean that RadioDriveBy have a sound that is probably one of the most marketable in the music industry. They could well be the next pop-rock sensation to emerge from across the pond but even better, they’re not a straightforward teeny-rocker type band. Dark, metallic smatterings on tracks such as What You Need put them into a whole different genre. Here they begin to incorporate elements of alternative rockers such as Escape The Fate, transforming their initial innocence into something a little more edgy.

They are indeed a band for those who love the punk vocals with darker undertones and a little bit of drama on top. Sound like your sort of thing?  Visit for all the official news as well as streaming of their tracks. Keep up with them at and


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