SONG REVIEW: NOFX, Ronnie & Mags

TITLE: Ronnie & Mags
LABEL: Fat Wreck Chords
RELEASED: September 3rd 2012

The LA punk band, who are notorious for hiding from the press, have released a new single, which is a massive two fingers up to 1980s politics.  Indeed fans will relish the angst towards right-wing rule and it’s all set to a catchy punk riff, so what is there not to love really?

It’s from the new album Self Entitled and is the lead single from the record which will be released on September 11th. The promotion of anarchy is still very strong in NOFX’s sound and certainly their new single sees them revert back to their roots of real 70s punk. No dressing up to look pretty here.

Ronnie & Mags’ cover art isn’t one you’ll expect to see displayed on many shelves but the track is one that a lot of punks will be downloading and blasting through their bedroom windows. At just over two minutes, it’s a short burst of satirical humour, which would no doubt cause a few raised eyebrows and far too much controversy were the band more mainstream. One of the advantages about staying in the background is that no one cares if you release a song with questionable content because no one hears it.

NOFX have stayed out of the spotlight for nearly thirty years, so there’s nothing that will bring them to the attention of the masses but Ronnie & Mags is a definite playlist addition for any liberals out there.


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