Regular readers of this blog will know that I’m a massive fan of alternative girlbands and I’m delighted to have discovered this lot. Littlecrazy are not quite all-female but it’s definitely the women who rule with four beautiful brunettes heading up the seven-piece. Of course, the guys play their parts too but Littlecrazy are all about girl power.

Frontwoman Amy leads the heart-rending vocals, which melt over the top of guitars provided by founder Jamz and ultra cool Jen. Bass is provided by Paul with Daz joining in with the drums. It’s all wrapped up with Sam and Holly, who bring the sex appeal to the group with seductive dance moves and beautiful harmonies. This feisty group are certainly not a force to be reckoned with, as one watch of the video for the single Stone will prove.

Their follow-up single Devil Inside will have an official video next month but in the meantime, you can watch this live performance of it at a gig in Sheffield.

Clad entirely in black with signature red lipstick, you can’t deny that Littlecrazy are a band with something to say to the world. Yes, they appear to resemble dominatrix queens with a desire to do nothing except crush your masculinity but their music is edgy, no-nonsense and bursting with energy. Bouncing riffs, fierce drumming and vocals that scream with passion and angst.

They’re coming up fast from the Sheffield underground and will explode onto the scene in a ball of flames. Just don’t get burnt.

Visit and follow them at

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  1. Roxi said:

    Littlecrazy has had a bit of a lineup change and although there are not as many females in the band i can assure you it is still girl power with the new lead singers voice!! 😉 please check us out

    we are headlining o2 academy sheffield 30th novemeber and also manchester academy 3 on the 1st december..

    hope you can make it and do another cracking review for us!! 🙂 xxx

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