SONG REVIEW: Of Monsters And Men, Little Talks

TITLE: Little Talks
BAND: Of Monsters And Men
LABEL: Universal
RELEASED: September 10th 2012

Since festival season ended, everyone seems to have returned crazy about this Icelandic six-piece. Their debut single, Little Talks is currently at number 20 in the official UK singles chart and it’s an indie-folk anthem. Of course, it’s hippy heaven but the boho style seems to have found its way into mainstream society.

It’s the lead single from their debut album My Head Is An Animal, which is also available now. The band have been compared to Arcade Fire, The Specials and Mumford and Sons and of course, they aren’t without that rustic happiness, as Little Talks demonstrates perfectly. Singer Nanna Bryndis Hilmarsdottir says of the track’s origin:

“It’s about a couple and the husband passed away and it’s from the conversation between the two of them. We don’t know if she’s going crazy or if someone’s actually there. We’ve kind of been inspired by people that lived in my house. This old couple that lived there for 30 years. The woman passed away, so it was kind of different.”

An eerie mist surrounds it and although the instruments give it an upbeat folksy rhythm, there is a tragic love story behind it. It’s almost like the music is trying to hide pain and grievance, while reflecting the hope that she’s still able to converse with her dead spouse. So, it’s a true gothic romance and who ever said that wasn’t a great basis for a great piece of art?

Indeed, Of Monsters and Men aren’t for everyone but if you’re looking for something to put on, in order to pick you up then Little Talks might be an excellent choice. Just don’t listen to the lyrics too much and lose yourself in the carnivalesque instrumentals instead.

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