SONG REVIEW: One Direction, Live While We’re Young

TITLE: Live While We’re Young
BAND: One Direction
RELEASED: September 30th 2012

Being 21, I’m by no means an appropriate age to be a Directioner but I have to admit that their new single Live While We’re Young is another catchy track. It’s the first single from their new album Take Me Home, which is scheduled for release in November and with the same producers behind it as their debut international smash What Makes You Beautiful, the similarities are inescapable.


The video leaked today, depicting the boys in a summery Kent surrounded by girls. Indeed the song is focused around girls and young love, a topic the band have become very much acquainted with, since finishing third on 2010’s series of The X Factor.

Well-documented dalliances with women and hardcore mental fans causing Twitter chaos have earned One Direction a bit of a cheeky chappy image. So, it’s only fitting that they should release a song about their young ambitions and conquests. Gone is the innocence from the debut about “what makes you beautiful”. It’s been replaced by “let’s get some and live while we’re young”. Nicely put, guys!

I don’t need to tell you that it will be another chart topper and be blasted out of every club in every university town during freshers’ week because it’s classic pop music that has been churned out since the dawn of time. Like every One Direction single, it’s one for the “YOLO” generation. Young, fresh faces, trendy haircuts, dodgy dancing and a rapidly escalating career Stateside mean that despite the promiscuous lyrics, they’re pretty much the image of manufactured perfection.


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