10 Songs I Will Always Love

Recently, while listening to my iPod on the way to work, I realised there are a few songs with lyrics that really resonate with me. I decided that I wanted to share them right here.

1. Deaf Havana and Portia Conn, Little White Lies

This song really got me into Deaf Havana and it’s a song I’ve never got bored of. Ironically, it’s so honest and easy to relate to. Just one of those songs I can never turn off.

“I always dream too much and never sleep enough, I’m still a liar, think I’ll always be…”

2. Angels and Airwaves, A Little’s Enough

This is a pretty deep, emotional song but so uplifting. The central message is that love cures everything and that’s something I try to remember, when things get tough.

“The cure is if you let in just a little more love. I promise you this, a little’s enough”

3. Journey, Don’t Stop Believin’

It has long been my favourite song and I think it will always be. Glee ruined it for me and Journey are the only band who can sing it the way it’s supposed to be. Just don’t stop believing. Ever.

“Some will win, some will lose, some are born to sing the blues”

4. Arctic Monkeys, Baby I’m Yours

This song is mine and Dan’s, so it has obvious sentimental value. It has a beautiful retro vibe and the lyrics are simple but to me, they mean a lot and pick me up when I need it.

“Nothing in the world could drive me away. Every day you’ll hear me say, ‘Baby I’m yours'”

5. Simple Plan, Everytime

This is my favourite Simple Plan song because it’s such a perfect love story. It has a gorgeous melody too and yes, I do mainly love it for soppy reasons but to me, it’s beautiful.

“Every time I see your face. Every time you look my way. It’s like it all falls into place. Everything feels right”

6. Katy Perry, Not Like The Movies

I think this song should be every girl’s philosophy on love. It’s about not giving into the idea that perfection doesn’t exist and although, it’s unrealistic, it’s a song that I’ve fallen in love with.

“If it’s not like the movies, that’s how it should be.”

7. Queen, Too Much Love Will Kill You

Not one of their most iconic songs but it’s such a powerful sentiment. Basically telling us to keep our lives simple and drama free, it’s almost like it’s telling us to learn from Freddie’s mistakes.

“Too much love will kill you every time”

8. Jessie J, Big White Room

I absolutely adore her voice and without a doubt, this is one of her most heart-rending, dramatic songs. I identify so much with it and it brings me close to tears every time.

“Everybody’s looking at me. Everybody’s staring at me. What do I do now? Smile…”

9. Lady Gaga, Speechless

This song is such an amazing, frank song, which depicts love in such a real way. Not everything is perfect all the time but they still leave you in complete awe. This is what I think defines real love.

“After all the drinks and bars that we’ve been to, could I give it all up, could I give it all up for you?”

10. John Legend, Ordinary People

Again, I love the realism in it. We aren’t super-human, we can’t do everything right, so the best thing for us to do is to just take a deep breath and work through our relationships one step at a time.

“We’re just ordinary people. We don’t know which way to go. Cause we’re ordinary people. Maybe we should take it slow…”


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