Low Level Flight

Fancy a bit of indie mixed with the attitude of pop-punk? Check out Canadian band Low Level Flight. A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be followed by these lovely lads, who subsequently sent me a link to their latest video Tsk Tsk, which has a riff that gets right into your head!

Formed way back in 2006, the band have released two albums Urgency and Through These Walls, which chart their transition from Muse-inspired atmospheric rock to the edgy metallic indie they now play. Scoring a number one on MTV with their first video and going on to achieve big success in the States and India, Low Level Flight are now ready to bring their tracks to the UK. Wow, are we ready for them!

So with all that success, you’d think that we’d have heard of them by now but Low Level Flight are a band who take it easy and are simply having fun. With a carefree sound and some awesome beats, everything is pretty chilled and relaxed. The five-piece all bring something fresh and individual to the band, meaning that they’re a pretty polished group. No gimmicks or silly hair here, they’re a serious talent with bags of mega-hit potential. Adamant that they’re not out to please anyone, it’s exciting to see a group of guys doing what they love in the way they want to do it.

Of course, with six years worth of experience behind them, they’re bound to know by now what works and what doesn’t, so expect nothing short of rocking perfection.

Look the band up at ,


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